Classic vs Hybrid & Volume Extensions

lash extensions

Lash extensions are among one of the most popular services done all around the world, and it is perfect if you are looking for length and volume. But if you’ve been considering extensions and thought to yourself, how do you choose between Classic and Volume Full Set? Let’s break it down.

Classic lash sets are perfect for clients who already have long lashes and are looking to add more length, since the lashes are applied individually to every lash. They are great if you are looking to achieve a wispy, natural enhancement.

Unlike Classic Full Sets, if you are looking for a dramatic – fuller enhancement, we would recommend getting a Full Volume or Mega Volume Set. Compared to Classic sets, fans (multiple lashes) are applied to your natural lash to give a fuller, textured, voluminous look. Mega Volume lash extensions are perfect for clients who want the fullest most voluminous look possible, If you’re willing to go bold – Volume is for you.

If you are finding yourself stuck between wanting Classic or Volume, Hybrid is the perfect crossover between length and volume – while still maintaining a beautiful natural appearance. Whether you decide between Classic, Hybrid, or Volume – there is a Full Set that is suitable to everybody, and the best part is you can customize them differently with every visit you make!

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