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Here at Beauty Glam Studio, we offer incredible permanent makeup treatments, but we also want to ensure you have all bases covered, including giving you long, full lashes. We have a range of eyelash extensions created to give our clients a choice of different looks, from subtle classic lashes to big, bold mega lashes.


Permanent makeup is not to change how you look; it is to enhance the natural beauty of your features. We offer numerous permanent makeup treatments to help you achieve the makeup look you desire without the daily effort of applying and removing makeup. Permanent eyebrows will give you perfectly shaped eyebrows mapped to suit your face perfectly. Lip tint and lip liner permanent makeup will make it appear like you are wearing lipstick 24/7! Permanent makeup is great for people who want to save time and money or are struggling with a dexterity condition but would still like to wear makeup daily. Choose your treatment, book your appointment and join us at our studio in Florida.


While we focus heavily on our incredible permanent makeup treatments, we also like to make sure we offer other treatments you may like. If you are not wanting permanent makeup but going out and want to take GLAM to the next level, we have a fantastic makeup artist who will apply conventional makeup and give you a flawless look. As well as makeup, we offer hair removal treatments and brow lamination.