I have had the privlidge and honor of knowing Marie for over 10 years. I have followed her and her work across those years. I am very fair with extremly light blonde brows that were never noticeable unless I took the time to draw them in every day. Time consuming and non-existent when I was in water! She masterfully sculpted and filled in my now beautiful brows and I can tell you I am soo happy!! Hairline strokes are the way to go and no one else does them as perfectly as she does. I also suffered a life changing accident when I was 16 that sent me through Oral Surgery, Implants, and several years of treatment. This created a misshapen indrawn natural lip line that I could only correct if I lined outside of it and filled with lipstick everyday. She has given me back BETTER than my natural lips were by doing a full Lip Liner and Full lip application. It was the final piece to feeling like me before the accident after almost 20 years later. I was amazed at how I didn't even feel much during the process and had NO healing problems after (and I'm sensitive skinned!!) I cannot express my love and gratitude to this amazing woman who is a master of her craft. If you have thought about doing permenent makeup, dont think any longer. Just do it!! You will NOT regret it!! Thank you Marie for enhancing my natural features and allowing me to feel beautiful again!!! Xoxoxo"



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