Candace at Beauty Glam Studio vlogging on Nano Brows by Marie!

Hello beautiful people! I had my brows tattooed using the Amiea Nano NT powder brow and hair strokes by Marie at Beauty Glam Studio. She is also the 2019 Amiea Ambassador of the Year and certified permanent makeup artist. For my treatment, Marie used the Amiea color finder to create a custom color to compliment my skin tone and preference. The tattoo was performed using the Amiea 1 Nano n2 needle and Evolution pigments in Lava & Umbra. This permanent eyebrow will last 2-3 years. I choose Nano tattooing over micro-blading because the process is less abrasive on the skin and last longer. Nano tattooing can also offer an alternative for people with keloid skin. This procedure took about 2 hours and was very comfortable. I did not experience any pain and Marie reapplied numbing gel in between each brow. At this time it has been 3 days and my brows look great; I have not experienced any discomfort. Overall this was a great experience and a huge time saver. Thank you again to Marie! For more info please contact Beauty Glam Studio at 954-507-4447.

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